Software whether it is desktop, mobile, embedded or cloud features in the majority of our instrumentation and sensing applications.
Our focus is in scientific and industrial applications, whether that is interacting with our own custom instrumentation or sensors or that of a third party. We develop software from low-level firmware within a sensor to multi-threaded server code running on an Amazon Cloud service.
We are experts in laboratory software development ranging from interacting with laboratory instrumentation, transforming smartphones into analytical devices or pushing sensor data to the cloud for analysis and interaction via the web.
Whether you have a software as requirement as part of a larger project with us or you have a small standalone software requirement we would be happy to discuss this with you.

Embedded Software

Our Embedded Software services range from low-level firmware written in C, through to images of embedded Linux running Python. We work with a range of Microcontrollers typically from ST and Espressif, Microprocessors and DSP's from Analog Devices and many verities of Embedded Linux Modules ranging from the Raspberry Pi to Freescale IMX.6.
There is no one size fits all and we develop embedded products based on price, performance and power efficiency.
We have developed many scientific and industrial based embedded products and we would be happy to discuss your requirements, please Contact Us.

Mobile Software

We develop scientific and industrial apps for mobile devices. We work across smartphones and tablets running Android or iOS. Our expertise is in using the in-built camera of these devices for analytical image processing or connetecting with external analytical/laboratory/industrial instrument or sensors. We write native code for both platforms or can develop cross-compiled apps based on Xamarin or Flutter. A smartphone or tablet approach is great when you require a low cost and/or many users such as home users or one-off users who occassionally might need to gather analytical data.
If you require a scientific or industrial based mobile app developing then please Contact Us and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

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Web & User Interfaces

We develop scientific user interfaces, allowing a user to connect with instrumentation, typically via a PC using either bluetooth, WiFi or USB. These user interfaces allow the instrumentation to be controlled or configured and data captured. extracted and analysed. We use C#, Python and .NET.
Alternatively, the instrument may be networked or connected to the internet and interaction is via API's and data streamed to the web and viewed and interacted with via a web dashboard, here we typically use an AWS cloud service.
Another option is to build a webserver within the instrument or sensor itself. This has the benefit that any device can simple interact with the hardware via any web browser.
If you require any scientific or industrial based UI or web dashboard developing then please contact us and we would be happy to discuss your requirements, please Contact Us.