Image Processing

We apply image processing techniques into many different sectors, there are so many "technqiues" that we have only presented a small subset here. Usually we provide image processing as part of an overall solution (supplying some hardware), but we are happy to develop standalone image processing solutions and software. For our image processing solutions we usually use openCV , C++ or Python coupled with the rapidly increasing range of open-source libraries or closed-source commercial solutions.

Feature Detection

Feature Detection is a useful technique which can be applied to an image that you have some prior knowledge over, for example, imaging a lateral flow device that you want to find the colour change regions in order to extract and further process these features or you may have a microscope set-up to image slides containing specific cells and you want to study their morphology, there are almost limitless applications and examples of feature detection.
Feature detection is rarely used on its own, but please Contact Us to discuss your image processing applications.


Image Classification is a very useful topic and has received a lot of research attention recently, especially when combined with AI. Some popular examples are facial recognision and OCR (optical character recognition) for the digitization of text. Areas of interest to us are mainly in agriculture and life sciences, from insect/pest detection, Cattle monitoring through to animal grimace quantification.
Classification software can be applied to existing hardware for example existing microscope cameras or agricultural farm cameras, for example.
There are so many applications for image classification, please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

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Tracking & Tragectories

Techniques can be applied to moving images where objects need to be tracked. Once an object has been detected it can then be tracked, traced or its tragectory estimated.
Applications range from flow cytometry through to particle mapping and even studying the most used routes by people or animals through heat maps.
There are so many applications where this technique could be used, please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.