Mobile Instrumentation

We can utilize Smartphones and Tablets as a platform on which to build analytical instrumentation or services. The advantages are that there is a low-cost of entry since they are widely owned and used across many sectors and they are very capable and powerful out of the box.
The power and features of these devices continues to grow with decreasing prices. If you require a battery powered, portable device, with connectivity and a screen and you want to reach a large auidence then they are starting point to consider.
Our focus as been to build mobile sensing platforms whether that be imaging solutions using their in-built cameras directly, or through additional optics or electrochemical and biosensing devices.
We also We have also developed solutions using the many internal connectivity methods, such as bluetooth or WiFi to connect to external third party hardware such as laboratory or industrial instrumentation or a custom developed accessory.

Direct Imaging

Direct Imaging utilises the in-built camera (and sometimes its flash). These cameras are often high resolution (> 8MP) with a range of adjustable optical parameters.
There are almost limitless applications, but ones we have been involved with include lateral flow device , animal identification & classification and paper-based colourmetric assays, to name a few. With careful consideration of the camera quantitative measurements can be achieved.
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In-Direct Imaging

In-Direct Imaging still uses the in-built smartphone camera to form an image, but also uses external optics and/or light sources. This allows a range of optical techniques to be used with a smartphone. Using this approach extra hardware is required in the form of an accessory.
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Electrochemical & Biosensors

We develop mobile based instrumentation to facilitate mobile/portable electrochemical and biosensor applications. We have a range of compact electrochemical technology (potentiostats and impedance analyzers) that we form into an accessory which then analyses the assay.
We develop customised apps which perform the measurement and analyse the results. In terms of the software analysis and reporting the possibilities are almost endless.
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Connectivity & Accessories

Small compact instruments can be developed to act as an accessory to a smartphone. They can be connected directly using the USB or through one of the many wireless networking options. Software is then developed to interact with the accessory/instrument.
If an instrument already exists, such as a piece of laboratory or industrial instrumentation and if it has a suitable connection then software may be developed to interact with it, integrating it into a larger or mobile workflow.
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