Over the years we have worked on many custom microscopy based applications and projects. This page serves as a brief overview of some of the techniques that we have implemented.

Microscopy Techniques

We are familar with the most common microscopy techniques and have implemented most of them in projects and applications for various customers. The most common is brightfield and we have implemented dozens of designs of brightfield microscopes in bench-top or smartphone form factors. We have also implemented fluorescence techniques in microfluidic applications, with one application for bead tracking in a cytometry style application. We have implemented polarization microscopy for a compact environmental sensing application looking at mineral dust. We have developed relatively compact phase contrast devices for in-incubator cell based applications

For all cases we utilise CAD for initial designs and concepts and usually some form of image processing software at the back-end to make sense of the data being produced.

Please contact Platform Kinetics and we would be happy to discuss your project and ideas.


We are familar with a range of techniques please contact Platform Kinetics to begin discussing your project.

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