Imaging Instrumentation

We develop and manufacture a range of Imaging Instrumentation for our customers. These instruments tend to be benchtop or fixed installations, they are designed to image, detect or capture a particular condition, reaction or response. These instruments combine many of our core technologies including microscopy, optical, electronics and software.
Typical applications are usually working with customers who have designed and manufacture a diagnostic test or assay and would like instrumentation and/or software to compliment their offering.
We also work with those conducting research in university labs or R&D labs who might require instrumentation to work with their experimental project.


Imaging based instruments contain a cameraand at least one light source. The usual requirement is for an image to be captured and analysed (as opposed to a colour measurement or spectral response). The lighting scheme and camera placement is specific to the object being imaged and we have experience in epi-, trans-, reflectance and absorbance topologies. The image may be analysed within the instrument or be communicated out for external software analysis.
We have expertise working with traditional assay formats such as Lateral Flow Devices and multiwell plates through to cutting edge new and novel formats including high density arrays, paper based diagnostics and microfluidics.
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Microscope based instruments also use a camera and many of the same techniques and features as the "Imaging" instruments, however, they contain other optical elements such as lenses, polarizers and more stringent light sources. Furthermore, the mechanics around sample holding and positioning may be more refined. All of the techniques described on the microscopy page can be implemented in these dedicated and customised instruments.
Typical Applications would be compact, customised bench-top microscope instruments for working in contrained environments such as incubators, industrial processes or where an assay or diagnostic requires microscopic analysis.
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Non-Imaging Instrumentation

Along with image based instrumentation we design and manufacture bench-top and fixed installation instrumentation based on a range of other optical techniques along with customised software. Please see our optical and software pages for more information.
Typical Applications include ELISA and microwell colourmetric, OD, absorbance measurements, various spectroscopic sensors and instrumentation for life sciences and industrial applications.
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