Image Processing Software

We apply image processing techniques into many different sectors, there are so many "technqiues" that we have only presented a small subset here. Usually we provide image processing as part of an overall solution (supplying some hardware), but we are happy to develop standalone image processing solutions and software. For our image processing solutions we usually use openCV , C++ or Python coupled with the rapidly increasing range of open-source libraries or closed-source commercial solutions.

Image Processing Techniques

The field of image processing is evolving at an exponential rate, driven by the abundance of low cost computing power and the increasing efficiency of algorithms.
It is almost impossible to make an exhaustive list of the techniques we utilise, however technqiues such as detection, feature extraction, classification, object tracking, quantification, optical character recognition along with statistical analysis seem to be the most frequent that we apply in our applications.
In terms of application hardware it depends on the end-goal. For example we have developed solutions to smartphones running Android and iOS, Raspberry Pi (with and without external GPU/accelerators), full specification PC and Servers (including AWS cloud services) and even 32 bit microcontroller architectures. We go where the end application requirement takes us.
We prodominantly work in Python and C++, but have developed algorithms in pure C and javascript too. We also use a combination of open and closed source libraries.
We have developed software to work with a variety of sources, from our own instrumentation, existing third party instrumentation or fixed installation cameras through to smartphones.
We have worked across multiple application sectors from life sciences (mainly microscopy images and videos) including facial recognition and expressions of animals through to heat detection and worker movement.
We are always interested in talking image processing and investigating how to apply it to a range of applications, so please contact Platform Kinetics to discuss your project or ideas.