At our core Platform Kinetics is an Embedded Electronics Engineering Company. All our instrumentation and sensor solutions have an element of electronics within them.
We work across the full range of electronics offering our customers anything from circuit design, prototyping, printed circuit board design and manufacture, firmware through to design reviews of their existing products.
Please see the sections below for more specific information.

Circuit Design & Prototyping

We work with customers who require scientific or industrial electronics developing. Most things start with a "simple" idea or concept. We will work with you to review your idea or concept and then produce a proposal to develop a functional prototype or feasability study. You may already know exactly what you require and have a full specification and user requirement document in which case we could start a little further down the process.
We always work in a gradual step-by-step approach and allowing you to make small investments as the project progresses. We love talking and designing electronics and would be more than happy to discuss your requirements, please Contact Us.

Printed Circuit Board Design & Manufacture

We design and prototype Printed Circuit Boards. Our design package of choice is KiCAD, but we can support many of the file formats from OrCAD to Altium.
Typically we work from 2 to 6 layers on both rigid and flexible substrates.
For prototyping we have in-house assembly capability down to 0402 package sizes and will typically prototype from 1 off to small batches. For larger batch sizes and production manufacture we work with local and national assembly houses. It really depends on your requirements.
If you require PCB design or prototyping then please Contact Us and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

Embedded Software

Our Embedded Software services range from low-level firmware written in C, through to images of embedded Linux running Python. We work with a range of Microcontrollers typically from ST and Espressif, Microprocessors and DSP's from Analog Devices and many verities of Embedded Linux Modules ranging from the Raspberry Pi to Freescale IMX.6.
There is no one size fits all and we develop embedded products based on price, performance and power efficiency.
We have developed many scientific and industrial based embedded products and we would be happy to discuss your requirements, please Contact Us.

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Design Reviews

We are very experienced electronic engineers and manufacturers and we like to share our experience. We offer design reviews to other companies and organisations who might already have a product or have inherited a legacy product. There are many things a design review can offer from modernising the products core technology, reviewing the bill of materials for cost saving, manufacturability or certification to name just a few.
Please Contact Us if you think you might benefit from a design review and we can discuss the scope.