We work with companies and researchers that wish to develop a biosensor based assay or further their research using new instrumentation or software.
We are able to develop a range of biosensor based solutions using our instrumentation know-how, whether that be a bench-top or mobile smartphone based solution. We are able to pull in our other expertise such as microfluidics, optics & imaging and software.

Biosensing Instrumentation

We have a range of platform technologies for use as biosensing instrumentation. We have off-the-shelf instrumentation or we can develop custom instrumentation suited to your exact application or form factor, for example if you have a wearable application requirement.
Typically the method utilised is Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy since affinty based protocols are used which essentially block the electrode surface, but other methods such as Amperometry or Chronoamperometry, but please see our electrochemical page for more techniques.
We have been involved in many biosensing applications and provide instrumentation to many more. We would be happy to discuss your requirements, please Contact Us.

Biosensing Electrodes & Consumables

We develop and manufacture custom biosensing electrodes. Furthermore, we can integrate electrodes into custom microfluidic or macrofluidic cartridges and flow cells, along with automation we can create a custom assay or protocol, see our microfluidics page for some examples.
We work with you to develop electrode surface protocols and functionalisation schemes. We also with 3rd parties for scale-up, production or certification.
Please Contact Us to discuss your biosensing electrode requirements.

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Biosensing Software

Biosensing Software is very important, whether that is a user interface so that an operator can interpret the data or whether you need some custom algorithms running in the background of a sensor to automatically detect characteristic peaks or features.
Software may run as firmware or run as a smartphone app or as some python code on a PC or serverless code in the cloud please Contact Us to discuss your requirements, there are so many options when it comes to biosensing software.